Info sheets and useful references

Digital Archives

  • Sustainability of Digital Formats link
  • DSpace 1.8.x documentation PDFlink
  • DSpace How-to Guide PDF
  • Dublin Core Metadata Schema - Qualified link
  • Handle Server Registration for persistent URLs- link


  • Northeast Document Conservation Center - link

All materials

These are all the materials used during the workshop

Topic PDF Native format
Digital Collection Overview
Terminology PDF DOCX
Digital Preservation PDF PPTX
Collection Development
Blank Collection Worksheet PDF DOC
Example Collection Worksheet PDF DOC
Cartes Posatales Worksheet PDF DOC
NEDCC Humidification and Flattening PDF
NEDCC Removal of Damaging Fasteners PDF
NEDCC Repairing Paper Artifacts PDF
Project Management
Request to Digital Collection Workflow PDF
Imaging Terms PDF DOCX
Flatbed Scanning PDF DOCX
Copystand 3D Imaging PDF DOC
Using Photoshop PDF DOCX
Using Gimp PDF DOCX
Using Acrobat PDF DOCX
Digital File Naming Examples PDF
Introduction to Dublin Core PDF PPTX
Introduction à Dublin Core en français PDF PPTX
Termes de métadonnées DCMI PDF
DSpace & Server Configuration
Dell Server Configuration PDF DOCX
Installing DSpace 1.8 on Ubuntu PDF DOCX
Handle Server PDF DOCX
vi Reference Card PDF
vi Quick Reference PDF
DSpace Configuration PDF DOCX
DSpace Customization Quick Reference PDF DOCX
DSpace Overview & Instructions
DSpace Organization - Communities / Collections PDF PPTX
Default DSpace submission PDF DOC
Submit items to Cartes Postales PDF DOCX
Batch upload with the SAF Packager (SAFBuilder) PDF link
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