1 Introduction

1.1 Goals

1.2 Notes

2 Configuring and starting bsnmpd

Log in to your FreeBSD auth1 DNS server: this is the machine auth1.grpX.dns.nsrc.org

2.1 Edit (as root) the file /etc/snmpd.config

$ sudo ee /etc/snmpd.conf

Find the following lines in the file:

location := "Room 200"
contact := "sysmeister@example.com"

read := "public"

write := "geheim"
trap := "mytrap"

... and change them to this:

location := "NSRC Workshop"
contact := "me@example.com"

read := "NetManage"

# write := "geheim"
trap := "NetManage"

Save the file and exit the editor.

2.2 Enable bsnmpd in /etc/rc.conf

$ sudo ee /etc/rc.conf

Add this at the end of the file:


Save the file and exit the editor.

2.3 Start snmpd

$ sudo service bsnmpd start
  1. Test from your virtual pc (pcX.ws.nsrc.org) that you can access the FreeBSD SNMP agent:
$ snmpstatus -v 2c -c NetManage auth1.grpX.dns.nsrc.org

Now, you can add your FreeBSD DNS server to your list of monitored devices in Cacti, and in Observium (if you have already installed it).