KENET-NSRC-IN@IU perfSONAR Workshop and Deployment

Dates: 7-11 September, 2015
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Host: Organisation - KENET
Venue: University of Nairobi Library (KENET Training Center)

perfSONAR Deployment, Operations and Troubleshooting

Workshop Goals

This event will provide an overview of the perfSONAR toolkit, how it is used and installed and then hands-on, practical work on installing the tools, interpreting the output and troubleshooting any potential network issues that may be observed.

  • The first two days will include an overview of the perfSONAR toolkit as well as practical, hands-on installation and interaction with the software. In addition training and review of TCP protocol issues and troubleshooting knowledge will be included.
  • The final three days of this activity include (possible) installation of perfSONAR at KENET POPs as well as collecting testing data and interpreting the results. If network issues are found, then time will be spent on troubleshooting these issues as a group.

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