NSRC-RENU-UMI Campus Wireless and Network Monitoring Workshop

Dates: 14-18, September
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Host: Organisation - Uganda Management Institute
Venue:UMI-VC Conference Room

Campus Wireless and Network Monitoring

Workshop Goals

This 5-day workshop provides the principles and components of the design and integration of wireless services into the campus LAN (WLAN)

Target Audience

Network/systems administrators and engineers from Universities and research organisations, who are responsible for network maintenance and planning.


  • Medium to good knowledge of the UNIX/Linux command line environment
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking

Participants are required to bring laptops.

Workshop topics

  • Introduction to Wireless Networking - Standards, Modes, Spectrum, Modulation
  • Low cost wireless networking
  • Basic Radio Physics
  • Antennas & Transmission Lines
  • Link budget & dB Math
  • Low cost wifi hardware choice & procurement
  • AP configuration, flashing
  • Security concepts, tools & resources
  • Wireless authentication models & mechanisms
  • Troubleshooting


At the end of the workshop students will be able to:

  • Explain core concepts of Wireless Networking such as Standards, Modes, Spectrum and Modulation
  • Explain and deploy low cost wireless networking
  • Explain the concepts of Basic Radio Physics
  • Explain concepts regarding Antennas & Transmission Lines
  • Explain concepts regarding Link budget & dB Math
  • Explain concepts regarding Low cost wifi hardware choice & procurement
  • Explain and demonstrate skills regarding AP configuration, flashing
  • Explain concepts regarding wireless security concepts, tools & resources
  • Employ various techniques to perform wireless network troubleshooting tasks
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