# EVENT NAME: SANOG Linux System Administration # * **Dates:** January 9-16, 2019 * **Location:** Thimphu, Bhutan * **Host:** [SANOG](https://sanog.org/sanog33) * **Venue:** Namgay Heritage Hotel ## Workshop ## * [Detailed Agenda](agenda.html) (includes links to presentations and schedule) * [Participants](participants.html) * [Instructors and Organizers](instructors.html) * [Reference Materials](references.html) * [Books](books.html) * [Sponsors](sponsors.html "Workshop Sponsors") * [Group Photo](https://photos.nsrc.org/upload/2019/01/15/20190115110558-fedb388d.jpg): [Photos](https://photos.nsrc.org/index.php?/category/381-sanog_33) * [Survey](https://nsrc.org/limesurvey/index.php/482547?lang=en) * NSRC-(workshop name) mailing list: [here](https://lists.nsrc.org/listinfo/LINK-TO-LIST-IF-AVAILABLE) ## Goals ## This is a technical workshop, made up of lecture and hands-on lab work to teach the skills needed to design, build, operate and manage a tertiary education insitution's servers and network services according to current best practices. * Linux system fundamentals * Network and system monitoring and management * Configuration management and automation * Host and network security