This site has been archived for historical reference.
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If you have interesting source code examples that pertain to network workshops, networking in general, etc. and are willing to share them on this site please let us know by contacting

In general source is presented by simply making the original files text files. You can click on the links to see the raw source, or you can right-click to download the files. To use these files you would need to rename them with the appropriate extension(s). For instance, a PHP source file named "fn.txt" needs to be named "fn.php" or "fn.php3" to run on your own server. The extension is dependent on your server's configuration.

PHP Source Code from this Site

If you want more detailed information about functions you see in these files you can refer to the primary PHP site https//

If you are interested in how MySQL and PHP work together you might consider looking at https// This web site was built using the LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) concept. O'Reilly's LAMP site at https// is a good resource.

Other Network Source Code

Some of these resources are simply links, while others are located on this server.