Logistics - Network Info

Address space


  • 34MB line to EMI, routing
  • 2MB line to hotel, routing

Connectivity is through Internet Maroc Telecom Network. For testing you can use
We will have enable rights on the border router.

IPv4 addressing plan

(just a thought experiment at this time, to see if we can make the /21's work this year, and I haven't considered the 6and4 experiment yet - geertj)  and   2001:4348:8000::/31   hotel  and   2001:4348:0::/31      EMI    wi-fi network [VLAN 216]
  2001:4348:0:216::/64 wi-fi network IPv6      router  access-points (SA-E & office/NOC) (SS-E & SI-E) (SI-F)     various servers / fixed IP's   DHCP-1    DHCP-2    SA-E [VLAN218]       router    SS-E [VLAN 219]       router    SI-E   IS-IS testing (bb Router)  IS-IS testing (bb Router) - VLAN 69

  2001:4348:220::/48  SI-E    SI-F
  2001:4348:221::/48  SI-F    (spare)   IS-IS testing (Router A)   IS-IS testing (Router B)  IS-IS testing (Router A)  - VLAN 666  IS-IS testing (Router B)  - VLAN 666    Backbone [VLAN 223]   various servers / fixed IP's   DHCP-1  Sub-allocated SA-E  Sub-allocated SS-E  Sub-allocated SI-E     sie-projector     tftp-printer  Sub-allocated SI-F  Streaming     streaming TCS3000     streaming server     streaming mgmt  Appliances     hp3700 colour printer     hp4000 bulk printer  Infrastructure     sae+sse switch     noc switch

Note that

  • this is similar to last year, which seems to have worked well
  • classroom IP's are unchanged - no need to change classroom templates
  • backbone schrunk to, and is now unused
  • this is all (still) pending experimentation

IPv6 addressing plan

To minimize confusion, IPv6 addresses will follow IPv4 addresses. Hence, if the IPv4 address is 196.200.X.Y, then

  • The IPv6 subnet will be 2001:4348:0:X::/64
  • If a static IPv6 address is needed, use 2001:4348:0:X:196:200:X:Y
  • Note that for the wireless (, octet 6-7 will be 216, hence will translate to 2001:4348:0:216:196:200:217:254
  • Normal IPv6 hosts will use router sollicitation

noc switch ports mgmt

  • 01-10 all VLANs tagged
  • 11-20 VLAN223 backbone untagged
  • 21-30 VLAN216 wifi untagged
  • 41-48 upstream/aruba (unused)
  • 47-48 VLAN1684 link to ADSL backup
  • 49 trunk to SAE-SSE switch, VLAN 218/219 tagged
  • 50 fiber to 3800, tagged

IPv6-only hour

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