Scalable Internet Services (English)

Title: Scalable Internet Services (SS-E)

Duration: 5 Days

Number of Students: 24 (Approx.)

Overall Objective: After attending this track, students will be able to build large-scale, resilient Internet service platforms to support very large customer bases.

Pre-requisites: Students attending this course MUST have experience using and administering *NIX Servers, Name Servers, Web Servers and Mail Servers.


  • Joe Abley (JA)
  • Ayitey Bulley (AB)
  • Philip Hazel (PH)
  • Hari Kurup (HK)
  • Frank Kuse (FK)
  • Chris Wilson (CW)

Classroom Setup

  • Seating is usually classroom style, however depending on the space available or the structure of the room to be used other designs may be used.
  • 1 PC per student. (Approx. 24)
  • 1 additional PC available to be used as the classroom NOC.
  • FreeBSD installed on students and NOC PCs. [current plan is to use the DELLs with custom kernels - geertj]
  • 1 or 2 switches for flat LAN setup.
  • A block of IP addresses for NOC and students PCs (usually
  • A block of IP addresses for DNS ( exercises (usually distributed /24 per student)
  • LAN domain (usually '', could be modified to '')
  • Zone for exercises (usually
  • Wireless LAN for Instructors and students who have their own notebooks.
  • Projector with spare bulb or projector in place. Projector can do 1024x768.
  • 1 whiteboard with several dry-wipe markers.
  • 1 flip chart
  • 1 or 2 tables in the classroom where instructors can sit and work while class is in session.
  • Table at the front of the classroom where instructor can place their laptop to project their slides and teach.
  • Classroom NOC PC is usually placed at the back of the classroom or on the Instructor table.
  • Sound system with 1 or 2 additional microphones for students to use as well.
  • No speaking podium is necessary. This just takes up space and won't be used by us.

Proposed Course Outline

Day         Topic                          Length       Instructors
------      -----                          ------       -----------
Mon:        FreeBSD Intro.                      0.5          FK
            IPv6 Intro.                         0.5          HK
            DNS                                 3            AB/JA       

Tue:        DNS                                 2            JA/AB
            RADIUS                              1            FK
            Web                                 1            HK

Wed:        Mail+Exim                           4            PH/CW

Thur:       Mail+Exim                           1            PH/CW
            POP3/IMAP/Webmail                   3            FK/HK

Fri:        POP3/IMAP/Webmail                   1            FK/HK
            Security                            1            JA
            Service Monitoring                  2            AB/FK                        
TOTAL                                          20

Reference Materials

Book List

  • DNS and BIND (5th Edition) or latest edition..
  • The Exim SMTP Mail Server (Official Guide for Release 4)
  • Spamassassin
  • LDAP System Administration
  • IPv6 Network Administration, First Edition
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