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The following wikis are hosted on this site. These wikis are designed to assist with the organization of network events, such as workshops, meetings, tutorials, conferences, etc.

Network Management Workshops Planning area for Network Management workshops at the APRICOT 2008 meeting in Taipei, Taiwan as well for a similar workshop at the Asian Institute of Technology, which you can read about here.
PacNOG 4 Meeting Planning wiki for the Pacific Network Operators' Group 4th meeting. Meeting website is here.
ccTLD Workshop Amman, Jordan Planning wiki for the ccTLD workshop to take place in Amman, Jordan from November 26-29, 2007.
SANOG 10 Network Managment and Operations Workshop Planning wiki for the Network Managment and Operations workshop to be taught at SANOG 10 in New Delhi, India from Aug. 29 - Sep. 7, 2007.
Advanced ccTLD Workshop Planning Planning wiki for potential advanced ccTLD workshop tracks. You can see an overview of ccTLD trainings here.
LinuxChix Africa Workshop Used for the planning of the LinuxChix Africa Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya in March, 2007.
Atelier ccTLD Sénégal Un wiki utilisé pour la planification de l'atelier de ccTLD qui à eu lieu Dakar, Sénégal décembre 7-10, 2005.
DNS Security workshop, Sénégal A planning wiki for the DNS Security workshop held in Dakar, Sénégal from October 20-22, 2006.
ccTLD Workshop Georgetown,
A wiki for the ccTLD workshop that takes place February 14-17 (Wed.-Sat.), 2007 in Georgetown, Guyana for the Caribbean region.
ccTLD Workshop Maluafou, Samoa A wiki for the ccTLD workshop that takes place June 20-23 (Tuesday-Friday), 2006 at the SamoaTel Headquarters Building, Maluafou, Samoa.
SANOG9 IP Services Workshop A planning wiki for the SANOG9 IP Services workshop held from January 14-18 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.