Summary Outline for CEDIA Network Training Workshop.
Quito, Ecuador
Feb. 29th-March 6th, 2004

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CEDIA Network Training Workshop
Dates: February 29 to March 6, 2004
Location: Quito (Sangolquí), Ecuador (ESPE)
Organizers: CEDIA (Consorcia Ecuatorioano para el Desarrollo de Internet            
            Avanzado) and the NSRC (Network Startup Resource Center)
Primary Instructors:   Hervey Allen (HA), Network Startup Resource Center                       
                       Brian Candler (BC), Volunteer, Network Startup Resource Center                       
                       Carlos Vicente (CV), Network Services U. of Oregon

Sunday Afternoon                               Lead Instructor
----------------                               ----------------
Intro to Linux - Day 1 (subset of class)       HA

Introductions                                  HA
Intro to Linux - Day 2                         HA
Basic IP Networking                            CV
Packets and Protocols                          CV    
    IP (Layers)    

Morning (Optional)
More Intro Linux practice as needed            HA


Basic IP Networking cont.                      CV
Static Routing Excercises                      BC
Switching Concepts Presentation                CV


Server Side Security                           HA
Intro to Security                              BC
Intro to Cryptographic Methods                 BC
    Apache +mod_ssl                            HA    

Thursday (light day)
    Apache +mod_ssl (cont.)                    HA
    SSH Presentation and excercises            HA  
NAT presentation                               CV   
Wireless Security presentation                 CV

Morning (Optional)
Dynamic Routing with Zebra                     BC

DNS                                            BC

Morning (Optional)
University of Oregon Network Design            CV


DNS Final Excercises                           BC
EXIM (MTA) Install                             BC
POP/IMAP/Sqwebmail over ssl                    BC
Exam                                           BC/CV/HA
Installation of Red Hat Server 9               HA
Handout of Certificates                        MJ/EP
Conclusion                                     BC/CV/HA

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