Outline for ccTLD Workshop: Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 19-22, 2004 (Saturday through Tuesday)



ccTLD Workshop Outline

DNS/ccTLD Technical Training Workshop Dates: June 19-22, 2004
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands - RIPE NCC Training Facility 
Organizers: Network Startup Resource Center and the Internet Society 

Primary Instructors: Joe Abley, Internet Systems Consortium 
Frederico Neves, Registro.br 
Alain Aina, Technologies, Reseaux et Solutions 
Guest speakers: John Crain, IANA/ICANN 
Olaf Kolkman, RIPE NCC 
Suzanne Woolf, Internet Systems Consortium 
Jaap Akkerhuis, NL domain Registry 
Workshop Coordinators: Lucy Lynch, NSRC
                       Mirjam Kuehne, ISOC

The main workshop runs from Saturday morning (June 19) to Tuesday evening 
(June 22). 

Each day is divided into four slots of approximately two hours each. 
Classes start promptly at 08:30 and end at around 18:30 daily. There will 
be a 90-minute break for lunch from 12:30-14:00, and 15-minute breaks in 
mid-morning and mid-afternoon. There may be optional evening sessions from 
if participants and instructors have special topics they want to work on. 

In summary, the classes will use approximately the following time slots. 

* 09:00-10:30 - Morning session 1 
* 10:45-12:30 - Morning session 2 
* 14:00-16:00 - Afternoon session 1 
* 16:15-18:30 - Afternoon session 2 

FreeBSD Presentation and Practical Exercises 

Note that on Friday, June 18, there is an optional session in UNIX system 
administration, using FreeBSD, which is the OS utilized for the workshop. 
Even for competent sysadmins who typically use Linux or Solaris, etc. - 
a brief FreeBSD orientation will help save time in the main course. 
Time frame: 14:00 - 18:30, in the RIPE NCC classroom 
Instructors: Lucy Lynch and Suzanne Woolf 

Course Outline 

Day 1 - June 19 
Instructors: Joe Abley, Alain Aina, Suzanne Woolf, Frederico Neves

. Introduction to DNS - zones, domains, delegations, etc. (Joe) 
. Download and install BIND from scratch (Joe)
. Build a zone file; debug and troubleshoot zone file (Aina) 
. Discuss building and maintaining large zone files (Fred)
. Database choices; design and maintenance of databases 
  for ccTLD registry services 
. Slave file exercise (Aina)
. Trouble shooting (Joe)
. Discussion about other useful software and tools for building and 
  operating a registry service (Aina)
. RCS (Fred)
. Automation techniques (generating records, auditing changes, checking 
  zone contents, using scripts) (Joe)

Day 2 - June 20 
Instructors: Joe Abley, Frederico Neves, Alain Aina, Olaf Kolkman

. Discussion of DNSSEC and what's important to understand about it (Olaf) 
. Review of Day 1, including a short hands-on exercise rcs & logging (Fred)
. Running an authoritative-only NS (Aina)
. Filtering queries ( mainly AXFR and IXFR) (Joe) 
. Digital signature, hash and MAC functions (Joe)
. Discussion of TSIG and hands-on exercise (RNDC) (Joe) 
. What is a registry ? a registrar ? a registrant ? (Fred) 
. Practical examples from very small to very large registries (Fred) 
. How to design and build a scalable registry (Fred)
. LDAP backend for BIND9 (Aina)
. Overview presentations of OpenReg toolset (Joe)
. Registro.br toolset (Fred)

Day 3 - June 21 
Instructors: John Crain, Suzanne Woolf, Jaap Akkerhuis, Lucy Lynch

. presentation order for day 3
	  1   2   3   4   5   6   7
	.uy .np .bj .th .lk .gh .bi
  Brief presentations (10-15 minutes) from each country team about their 
  current domain management structures and registration policies; how they 
  handle registration fees and billing - spaced over the day 

. An overview of .nl & DNSMON (Jaap)
. Further discussion of zone transfers and how to establish proper 
  secondary services, RFC 2182, etc. 
. Presentation by John Crain about current policies and procedures for 
  working with IANA and ICANN 
. Requirements and procedures for getting IANA to make changes to servers 
  and administrative and technical points of contact 
. Registry Management Best Practices, Suzanne Woolf, and John Crain 
. Discussion of policies and practices utilized by various ccTLDs around 
  the world 
. Discussion about the ethics of administering delegated domains as 
  explained in RFC 1591; Responsibities of the designated manager for 
  providing equitable service to the respective country code communities 
  and the global Internet community 
. Best practices of establishing domain name structures, 
  delegating subdomains and operating nameservers 
. Dispute resolution policies 
. Open question and answer session on ccTLD management and registry 
. PGP key signing party

Day 4 - June 22
Instructors: Alain Aina, Joe Abley, Frederico Neves

. Securing a UNIX server
. whois protocol, whois data
. More on automation techniques 
. Hands-on clinic in a lab environment for ccTLD managers to learn about 
  existing tools and software for registry operations. This
  includes demonstrations with the toolset developers so participants can
  determine how to best format their data to register domains for their
  ccTLD, set up nameservice, exchange secondaries, create whois data, etc.
  Users will get expert advice on how to automate and scale up their 
  current operations, and pointers on how to structure their existing data 
  for use with a selection of available open source toolsets.
. Wrap-up session with a discussion about more resources for education and  
  assistance, where to go for help, relevant mailing lists, etc.
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