Course Materials

Included are the slide sets that were used during the course.


Welcome Address (Daniel Karrenberg) PDF
Country Presentations
   .al: Albania PDF
   .cl: Chile PDF
   .cu: Cuba PDF
   .gh: Ghana PDF
   .ke: Kenya PDF
   .mw: Malawi PDF
   .np: Nepal PDF
   .py: Paraguay PDF
   .sn: Sénégal PDF
   .tj: Tajikistan PDF
   .tn: Tunisia PDF
Building Out Your Registry (Hervey Allen) PDF
Network Monitoring Overview (Hervey Allen) PDF


DSC Tutorial (Duane Wessels) PDF
dnsmon: DNS Server Monitoring from RIPE (Daniel Karrenberg) PDF


Registry Tools (Hervey Allen) PDF
Fred on FreeBSD (Jaap Akkerhuis) PDF
Service Level Agreements (John Crain) PDF
EPP Overview (Jaap Akkerhuis) PDF
Cryptography Definitions for DNSSEC (Hervey Allen) PDF
Sample sshd_config root login without password (Hervey Allen)     text
Enable caching nameserver exercise (Hervey Allen) PDF


An Overview of DNSSEC: Part 1 (Olaf Kolkman) PDF
DNSSEC Practical Exercises (Olaf Kolkman) PDF
DNSSEC Details (Olaf Kolkman) PDF


An inventory of DNSSEC Tools(Olaf Kolkman) PDF
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