Startup Software Toolkits

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For folk looking for toolkits to start networks of various kinds, we are trying to track what we know to be available for the various interesting networking technologies. Additions, corrections, updates, ... to this list are solicited and very much appreciated.

TCP/IP Clients

Low-Cost TCP/IP Routerware

  • FreeBSD - PC-UNIX-based, single floppy router
  • KA9Q home - PC-based Ether/SLIP router - general versions
  • KA9Q RAINet - PC-based Ether/SLIP router - RAINet hacked version
  • PC-Route - PC-based Ether/SLIP router - RAINet hacked version



  • UUPC - a well-known classic
  • UUMAIL - from the CSIR in South Africa
  • SNUUPM - from Rhodes University in South Africa
  • FSUUCP - another DOS UUCP
  • PC-Correo - a PC-based mail user agent in Espan~ol

Documents of Special Interest