Learn: perfSONAR

A collection of videos covering perfSONAR, a tool for end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting of multi-domain network performance. perfSONAR provides network engineers with the ability to test and measure network performance, as well as to archive data in order to pinpoint and solve service problems.

Learn: ScienceDMZ

A collection of videos covering Science DMZ, a portion of the network, built at or near the local network perimeter that is designed such that the equipment, configuration, and security policies are optimized for high-performance scientific applications rather than for general-purpose business systems or “enterprise” computing.

Learn: Federated Identity Management

A collection of videos for understanding the complex issues of Federated Identity Management such as eduroam or edugain and links to resources.

NSRC & Partner Videos

A collection of YouTube videos presenting the information technology staff and network engineers that NSRC trains and engages with in building network connectivity and human capacity.