Wireless Networking Resources

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Advocacy Groups and Technical Resources

  • High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN): A San Diego area research network funded by the National Science Foundation dedicated to "creating, demonstrating, and evalating a non-commercial, prototype, high-performance, wide-area, wireless network.
  • Wireless Networking Unit of the Aeronomy and Radio Propagation Laboratory (ARPL): The host of the "School on Wireless Networking for Scientific Applications in Developing Countries" seminars. Their site archives presentations from past "school" events.
  • Wireless Africa: A group in South Africa researching ways to expand the use of wireless networking to developing countries.
  • Wireless Networking in the Developing World: An electronic book with information on how to build and maintain a wireless network in the developing world.
  • Green WIFI: A volunteer organization dedicated to the spread of solar powered wireless networking equipment.
  • WirelessU: A repository of technical documents about wireless networking and a community that promotes the spread of wireless networking.
  • MIT roofnet : A wireless mesh network operating in Cambridge, MASS. Contains technical documents on how to setup a wireless mesh network.
  • NSRC.org - Wireless Network Security Workshop: A collection of presentations about wireless networking and wireless network security. Topics ranging from an introduction to wireless networking to access point configuration and network traffic analysis.
  • SANS.org - A Survey of Wireless Mesh Networking Security Technology and Threats: An introduction to wireless mesh networks and a summary of the security implications that these networks present.
  • Open-mesh.org: A collection of information about Wireless mesh networking and the B.A.T.M.A.N. routing protocol.
  • IEEE - Wireless: An organization that houses documents about wireless standards such as 802.1.

Wireless Projects

Do-It-Yourself Projects

Equipment Venders

  • Alvarion: A manufacturer of WiMAX wireless products.
  • Fleeman Anderson & Bird: A vender of wireless networking equipment including connectors, antennas, access points, enclosures and mounts.
  • Inveneo: A company that manufactures low-power, low-cost computer and networking equipment designed for the needs of the developing world.
  • Meraki: A vender of wireless networking equipment specializing in wireless mesh networks.
  • Open-mesh.com: A vender of low-cost wireless mesh networking devices.
  • PCTEL, Inc A company that manufactures WIFI and WiMAX antennas.
  • Solectek A manufacturer of long-range broadband wireless products.
  • Ubiquiti Networks: A vender of wireless networking equipment that is largely compatible with the OpenWRT framework.