Dean Pemberton

Photo of Dean Pemberton

Network Engineer and Trainer

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Dean has found the two things which he enjoys the most... Discovering new technologies and helping others as they learn how to apply them to assist their communities. It's not surprising then that this makes him a perfect fit for the NSRC.

Dean has experience across a large number of IT areas and uses this experience to assist the NSRC with its goals.

Network management:- Having worked in NOCs and customer support centres supporting the Asia Pacific region, Dean has extensive experience with Network Management and Monitoring systems and how they can be best used in both large and small environments. Dean is an experienced instructor with the NSRC NMM course having assisted with course deliver in places such as Vietnam, Myanmar and Tonga.

IXP: From being present at some of the first meetings discussing the creation of New Zealand Internet Exchanges back in the mid 90's, to helping create one of the first SDN powered internet exchanges, Dean is a firm believer in the benefits that Internet Exchanges offer to local economies. He regularly talks with economies to discuss how they might assist with IXP deployments and looks forward to working with the NSRC and other organisations to deploy more IXPs within the region.

Network Design:- Dean has assisted with network designs for campus, enterprise , ISPs, Global WAN providers. He is the APRICOT Program Committee co-Chair and ensures that operators around the region have access to the latest knowledge sharing opportunities. Dean has provided Direct Engineering Assistance for the NSRC from Fiji to Laos in order to assist local organisations find solutions to problems they are facing.

SDN:- With the hype surrounding Software Defined Networking being difficult to cut through, Dean manages to teach the concepts in a vendor neutral fashion. Being one of the creators of the first production SDN IXP (the CARDIGAN network in Wellington NZ), Dean has hands on experience with core SDN concepts. Dean has delivered SDN tutorials for two years, taught an undergraduate SDN course at Victoria University in addition to holding a Research Associate position focusing on SDN research. For the NSRC, Dean is working with the national research and education network of Kenya, KENET, to experiment with SDN.

NOGs:- Being a foundation member of NZNOG and assisting with their conferences for over 13 years, helping emerging NOGs is something that Dean particularly enjoys doing. From Tanzania to Bhutan, Dean has represented NSRC in their commitment to operator communities.

Virtualisation:- It is hard to imagine the Internet enabled world we enjoy today without virtualisation. Dean has assisted delivering the NSRC Virtualisation and Cloud course and is currently assisting organisations with how they can use virtualisation technology to further enable Internet growth.

Security: - With experience including designs for high security networks and an MSc (CompSci) in intrusion detection, Dean is an active contributor to the NSRC Security course development.