Heather Flanagan

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Identity Access Management
Coordinator and Technical Editor

Heather Flanagan, Principal at Spherical Cow Consulting, comes from a position that the Internet is led by people, powered by words, and inspired by technology. She has been involved in leadership roles with some of the most technical, volunteer-driven organizations on the Internet, including IDPro as Principal Editor, the IETF, the IAB, and the IRTF as RFC Series Editor, ICANN as Technical Writer, and REFEDS as Coordinator, just to name a few. Her work with the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) lets her bring her experience in campus and federated identity services to the global research and education community. Heather has run identity management tutorials around the world, including at WACREN 2016 and APAN 42 on behalf of the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC). Where there is work going on to develop new Internet standards, or discussions around the future of digital identity, she is interested in engaging. You can learn more about her at <https://www.linkedin/com/in/hlflanagan/>