Patrick Okui

Photo of Patrick Okui

Network Engineer and Trainer

Patrick Okui is a Network Engineer and Trainer for the Network Startup Resource Center. When he's not doing work at the NSRC he spends his time doing develoment, network design and roll out at Cristal Inc, a small startup in Uganda. Up until 2011 (from 2001) he worked at different mostly Internet related companies including some ISPs and the Ugandan Chrsitian University. In addition Patrick has been consulting for numerous other service providers in Africa to help them design and build properly constructed IP networks.

Since 2003 Patrick has been participating in the AfNOG workshop as an instructor but also as part of the NOC team that gets the network setup and keeps it running during the event. He also has participated in workshops organised by the Internet Society (ISOC) for setting up IXPs or localising different parts of the AfNOG workshop programme.

At NSRC, Patrick helps with workshop planning, training, material development as well as direct engineering and assistance as and when requests come in to the NSRC. This includes the active NOC role played before and during the AfNOG/AfriNIC workshops and conferences. In addition, Patrick works with the NSRC in the Asia/Pacific region at events such as SANOG, APRICOT and other network trainings and activites to help improve Internet access across the area.

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