Sebastian Büttrich

Photo of Sebastian Büttrich

Trainer and Network Developer

Sebastian, Research Lab Manager at the IT University of Copenhagen, works with embedded/pervasive systems, wireless technology, open source / free software and solar energy to build networks, systems, skills and capacity - as a manager, developer, architect, consultant and teacher.

This work is part based at the IT University of Copenhagen, part focused on developing countries and communities, especially in Asia and Africa. One current focus in his work for the NSRC is to help develop campus networks for research and education, with emphasis on global integration and sustainability.

In teaching and implementing, he specializes in:

  • wireless networks
  • network monitoring and management
  • free and open software (mostly GNU/linux based)
  • solar power for IT
  • environmental science, wireless sensor networks
  • embedded systems

His current side affiliations are: - the Network Startup Resource Center - NGO and company co-founded with Tomas Krag - a group of dedicated professionals working
towards a world-wide, people-centered, inclusive Information Society - Co-author of the Wireless Networking in the
Developing World book

Sebastian holds a Ph.D. in quantum physics from the Technical University of Berlin in Germany, with a focus on optics, radio spectroscopy, photovoltaic systems and scientific programming. He loves and plays music, is fascinated and engaged with text, language and poetry in many forms.