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Connectivity Providers - Contact Data

Name   Last update

NTT Com Asia   22-Apr-2008
Amextel Communications LLC   18-Jan-1999

Reports on Networking Infrastructure in Japan
Country reports explained
Title   Date entered

(JP) Science Information Network   31-Jan-1995
Internet access providers in Japan?   25-Sep-1993
Finding an IP domain in Japan   14-Feb-1993
Reports that are external to nsrc.org site:
  • An analysis of international academic research network traffic between Japan and other nations
  • JAPAN WINDOW : A US-Japan Internet/WWW Collaboration for Japan Information
  • JPNIC: A Country NIC for Administrating Common Network Resources and Providing Network Information in Japan
  • Web Links Concerning ISPs and Networking in Japan


  • JaPan Network Access Point - JPNAP
  • Internet Association Japan -IAjapan
  • Top Level Domain contact information for Japan
  • Japan Network Information Center
  • WWW Servers in Japan

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