Connectivity Providers Database

About the NSRC Connectivity Providers Database

The NSRC server contains a database about international networking developments and Internet connectivity providers, with its major emphasis on countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Oceania.

Note that some of the posted information is old, perhaps even historic by now. But it has been archived here to help document the evolution of the global infrastructure - when the first points of connectivity were established, and subsequent developments leading up to the current state of the network within a particular country or region.

Please use the clickable image world map or the hot links below to access data for a particular country.

For additional historical information see our archived collection of papers and regional reports, and the information about the history of the internet maintained by the Internet Society.

Please send comments, reports, updates about networking in Country X, references to top level information servers for a particular country, and pointers to pertinent WWW links to:

If you are a network engineer or system administrator for an Internet Service Provider, and would like to add information about your ISP to the NSRC database, please go here to create a Contact record.