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Connectivity Providers - Contact Data

Name   Last update

Ti Telco Internet   28-Jul-2006
Ecoweb   26-Jul-2006
University of Zimbabwe   21-Jun-2006
HealthNet Zimbabwe   21-Jun-2006
Mango   13-Nov-2004

Reports on Networking Infrastructure in Zimbabwe
Country reports explained
Title   Date entered

Internet Update - Zimbabwe   25-Sep-2006
Zimbabwe and the Internet   17-Sep-2004
Zimbabwe`s network developments   2-Nov-1999
Connectivity Update for UUNet Zimbabwe (12/96)   23-Dec-1996
Zimbabwe   15-Aug-1996
Stellar connectivity (3/96)   15-Mar-1996
PPP in ZW (1/96)   9-Jan-1996
Connectivity with Africa List - Mango   17-Oct-1995
WWW Harare (10.95)   2-Oct-1995
Modems in Zimbabwe   15-Aug-1995
ZW Mango update (5/95)   30-May-1995
Zimbabwe pingable, 17 Feb 1995   17-Feb-1995
Zimbabwe IP connection (2/95)   8-Feb-1995
thanks for afr conn   5-Dec-1993
Known nodes in Zimbabwe (ZW) 93.4.21   21-Apr-1993
status of networking in your area   23-Sep-1992
international nodes and fidonet   21-Aug-1992
leased line implementation   8-Nov-1991
Domain Registration for .zw   16-Oct-1991
UUCP feed to Zimbabwe   28-Oct-1990
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