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UNIX/IP Fundamentals Prep Course

A one day training session offered on Sunday, July 19 before the start of the Campus Network Design and Operations week-long course. There will be 4 sessions split in to various topics and with several hands-on labs. This course is designed to give students an intermediate-level refresher on Unix/Linux, System Administration and network fundamentals.


Hervey Allen     Network Systems Engineer (NSRC)
Steven VanDevender     Academic Unix Systems Manager (UO Information Services)

Time Schedule

0900-1030     Morning Session I
1030-1100     Morning Break
1100-1230     Morning Session II
1230-1330     Lunch
1330-1500     Afternoon Session I
1500-1530     Afternoon Break
1530-1700     Afternoon Session II



Welcome:[PDF | OpenOffice | PowerPoint]
Introduction to Unix: [PDF | OpenOffice | PowerPoint]                                                  
     - Some history           
     - Kernel, shell, processes
     - Security model
     - File System, Directory Hierarchy, files
     - A few specifics to Ubuntu/Debian

Introduction to Commands: [PDF | OpenOffice | PowerPoint] 
     - Command format
     - Examples
     - Pipes
     - Command line power tools
     - Editing the command line
     - Copy/paste
     - Auto-completion with tab

Lab: [PDF | OpenOffice | MS Word]

Permissions in Unix: [PDF | OpenOffice | PowerPoint]                          
     - User, Group, Other
     - Process permissions
     - 'root' user
     - Octal/Numeric vs. Symbolic mode
     - Some special cases 
       (setuid/setgid/sticky bits)
     - Inherited privileges

Lab: [PDF | OpenOffice | MS Word]


Editing: [PDF | OpenOffice | PowerPoint]
     - Using vi (why?)
     - Other editor options (ee, joe, pico, emacs, xemacs)
     - vi modes
     - vi tricks (search ,replace, movement)
     - Editing configuration files

References: "Vi Quick Reference" [PDF]
            "Vi Reference Card"  [PDF]

Lab: [PDF | OpenOffice | MS Word]

Terminal and Console Access: [PDF | OpenOffice | PowerPoint]
     - Virtual terminals (consoles)
     - Mouse daemon buffer
     - Copy/paste between terminals
     - OOB and Serial console access
     - Server/Switch console access with Minicom

Lab: [PDF | OpenOffice | MS Word]


TCP/IP Networking: [PDF | OpenOffice | PowerPoint]              
     - Review the OSI layers
     - Packet Headers
     - Packets TCP, IP, UDP, ICMP
     - IP Allocation Golden Rules
     - Netmask calculations
     - Gateway, network
     - Default vs static routes
     - Routing aggregation/supernetting
     - Interface(s) configuration
     - Route configuration

References: "Agreggation Tree" [PDF]
            "Aggregation Tree - Example of Use" [PDF]
            "Decimal - Hex - Binary - Conversion" [html | PDF]
            "Golden Rules for Allocating IP Numbers" [html | PDF]
            "IP Addressing" [html | PDF]
            "Netmask Table" [html| PDF]

Lab: [PDF | OpenOffice | MS Word]


Network Performance Definitions & Metrics: [PDF | OpenOffice | PowerPoint]
      - Planning
      - Common measurements: bps, pps, rtt, jitter, etc.
      - Channel capacity and utilization
      - 95th percentile
      - end-to-end delay
      - Types of delay
      - Packet loss
      - Flow control and congestion algorithms
      - Local analysis
      - Common tools: vmstat, netstat, lsof,
        tcpdump and wireshark, iptraf, iperf

References: Complete "Network Performance Analysis" presentation [PDF]
            Complete "Network Performance Metrics" presentation  [PDF]

Lab: [html]