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8  <title>SDN / Openflow tutorial</title>
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14<h1 class="title">SDN / Openflow tutorial</h1>
15<h2 class="author">Installing Ryu</h2>
17<h1 id="introduction">Introduction</h1>
18<p>In this lab we will connect to our virtual machine, ensure that it is running up to date software and install the Ryu OpenFlow Controller</p>
19<h1 id="goals">Goals</h1>
21<li>Connect to VM</li>
22<li>Update VM</li>
23<li>Install Ryu</li>
25<h1 id="notes">Notes</h1>
27<li>Commands preceded with &quot;$&quot; imply that you should execute the command as a general user - not as root.</li>
28<li>Commands preceded with &quot;#&quot; imply that you should be working as root.</li>
29<li>Commands with more specific command lines (e.g. &quot;RTR-GW&gt;&quot; or &quot;mysql&gt;&quot;) imply that you are executing commands on remote equipment, or within another program.</li>
31<h1 id="installation">Installation</h1>
32<h2 id="updating-and-installing-required-packages">Updating and installing required packages</h2>
33<p>The first step is to make sure that you have up-to-date software. Use the following command, entering in the sysadm password when prompted.</p>
34<pre><code>$ sudo apt-get update
35[sudo] password for sysadm: </code></pre>
36<p>Once this is updated install some essential packages using the following command</p>
37<pre><code>$ sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config autoconf automake python-qt-dev python-dev python-twisted-conch libtool libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev git python-pip python-bson</code></pre>
38<h2 id="installing-ryu">Installing Ryu</h2>
39<p>In order to install Ryu and all of it's dependancies all that is required is to run the following command.</p>
40<pre><code>$ sudo pip install ryu  </code></pre>
41<p>There will be lots of expected errors, but it should complete with the following output.</p>
42<pre><code>Successfully installed ryu eventlet routes webob paramiko lxml netaddr oslo.config msgpack-python greenlet repoze.lru ecdsa six
43Cleaning up...</code></pre>
44<p>You can check that the installation has gone well by running the ryu-manager program.</p>
45<pre><code>$ ryu-manager
46loading app ryu.controller.ofp_handler
47instantiating app ryu.controller.ofp_handler of OFPHandler  </code></pre>
48<p>Press Ctrl-C to exit</p>