Hotel Network Info

This is the hotel network, main use will be jun2 and later.
If we need public space, we can use, leaving the bottom half of our block for the EMI. See NetworkInfo.

Adressingplan        Hotel backbone    DNS / MGMT        bar-ap (temp)        ap1 ch1 bigroom-front        ap2 ch4 bigroom-back        ap3 ch7 office 5th        ap4 ch11 bar        ap5 ch1 boardroom 4th        ap6 ch4 SPARE        Meeting network / VLAN 10 / SSID AfNOG


FARAHhotel backbone untaggedno DHCP (hotel overlap)
AfNOGmeetingVLAN 10 DHCP
AfNOG-v6 IPv6 onlyVLAN 11no IPv4
AfNOG-v6-xpIPv6 XPVLAN 12no IPv4
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