pre-SANOG VI Workshop: Summary Outline
Summary Outline for pre-SANOG VI Network Training Workshop
Thimpu, Bhutan
Jan. 10-15, 2005

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pre-SANOG VI Workshop Outline - Summary
Dates: January 10 to 15, 2005
Location: The Royal Institute of Management, Thimpu, Bhutan
Organizers: Bhutan Telecom Ltd           
            NSRC (Network Startup Resource Center)
Primary Instructors:   Hervey Allen (HA), Network Startup Resource Center                       
                       Brian Candler (BC), Volunteer, Network Startup Resource Center                       

Day 1                                            Instructor(s)
-----                                            -------------
Welcome  (BC/HA)                                 HA/BC
FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Windows                    HA
Introduction to FreeBSD                          HA
Installation of FreeBSD 5.3                      HA
FreeBSD Exercises                                HA
   cvs (cvsup ports collection)                  HA

Day 2
Basic IP Networking                              BC
    OSI model
    IP Numbers
Security Overview                                HA
Intro to Cryptography                            HA/BC
SSH                                              HA

Day 3
Install Apache with SSL                          HA
    Apache Exercises
DNS                                              BC
    Configuration of Resolver and Cache
Patch/Secure Windows Installation                HA
Configure X and KDE for FreeBSD                  HA

Day 4
SMTP Introduction                                BC
Exim Intro                                       BC
User Support and Help Desk                       HA

BREAK for Afternoon

Day 5
Mail Scalability                                 BC
POP/IMAP (Courier)                               BC
Webmail (SqWebMail)                              HA
Antiviral for MTA                                BC/HA
    Access Control Lists                         BC
    Exiscan ACL                                  BC
    ClamAV Install and Testing                   HA

Day 6
Routing Overview                                 BC
    Static routes
    Static/dynamic routing
Questions and Answers                            HA/BC
Review                                           HA/BC
Exam                                             HA/BC 
Certificates                                     HA/BC/Others
Workshop Closing                                 HA/BC/Others

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  Morning 1 Morning 2 Afternoon 1 Afternoon 2
  08:45-10:45 11:00-13:00 14:00-16:00 16:15-18:15
Mon: Intro/FreeBSD FreeBSD install FreeBSD exercises FreeBSD exercises
Tue: OSI model IP numbers Security Cryptography/SSH
Wed: Apache w/SSL Apache/DNS DNS DNS
Thu: SMTP/Exim MTA XFree86/Win. Sec./Support Break Break
Fri: Mail Scaling POP/IMAP Webmail AV/Exiscan
Sat: Static routes Static/dynamic routing Q&A/Review/Exam Closing

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