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Connectivity Providers - Contact Data

Name   Last update

ZAnet Internet Services (Pty) Ltd   28-Jun-2006
Ataris Technologies   1-Apr-2002
Uninet-za   16-Aug-1998

Reports on Networking Infrastructure in South Africa
Country reports explained
Title   Date entered

New Record for USA Traffic (2/98)   19-Feb-1998
Uninet`s Connection to the USA for 1997/8   6-Dec-1996
50% Increase in International Bandwidth   8-Nov-1996
Status of SAIX Upgrade, 5 May 1996   6-May-1996
The Internet Solution (12/95)   22-Dec-1995
UNINET contact data/update (10.95)   17-Oct-1995
South Africa Internet Trends Can Be Followed On The Web   1-Aug-1995
FAQ: Southern African networking   15-Jan-1994
FAQ: Where to find Information in Uninet   8-Dec-1993
Electronic Mail To Africa   20-Nov-1993
Information on Southern African Networking 03.11.04   4-Nov-1993
/etc/networks for UNINET-ZA 93.10.13   4-Nov-1993
South African IP, UUCP, NGOs, FidoNet   3-Dec-1992
status of networking in your area   6-Sep-1992
The First Ping to South Africa (12 Nov 1991)   12-Nov-1991
leased line implementation   8-Nov-1991
uucp to quagga and local news/mail forwarding   27-Jun-1990
two hours, uucp, uunet, modems, the universe, and everything   16-Nov-1989
Beginnings of uucp to ZA   21-Feb-1989
Fido Established in ZA   1-Oct-1988
Reports that are external to nsrc.org site:
  • GEN2 Operational Information
  • Traffic Graph for the Tertiary Education Network -TENET (July 2005)
  • South African White Paper on Telecommunications
  • The Goldstuck Report: Internet Access in South Africa, 2002
  • The History of the Internet in South Africa - (Under development by Mike Lawrie)
  • Web Links Concerning ISPs and Networking in South Africa


  • Internet Solution
  • Cyber Cafes in South Africa
  • Tertiary Education Network -TENET
  • Topological map of South African Internet Service Providers
  • The South African Internet Exchanges - JINX / CINX
  • Cost of Internet access in South Africa (1993-2003)
  • Top Level Domain contact information for South Africa
  • .ZA Domain Space
  • SchoolNet South Africa
  • Southern Africa Project, IDRC
  • ZANOG list archive
  • Women's Net
  • internet.org.za information resource server
  • Map of South African Internet Service Providers

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