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General Site Overview for New Users

The ISOC Workshop Resource Centre has been developed with the goal in mind of providing multiple resources to anyone attending, teaching, scheduling or creating network-related workshops and events. There are numerous tools available on this site to support these endeavors. Items such as Trac projects, wikis, mailing lists and workshop site hosting can all be requested as well.

There are thousands of individual materials available that have been used to teach network-related subjects at many workshops and events around the world. These items are classified in our on-line database and can be searched for with precision using our on-line search tools.

If you encounter problems or have questions please write to us at

An account is not needed to browse, search or generally view data available on this site. An account is free and used to avoid potential spamming problems which are inevitable if data upload or resource creation is allowed without some verification.

If you know of other network training events that are not listed, or see additional information we should include, but do not wish to update the calendar yourself feel free to email information to


You can search or browse network training materials and more from this page. Training materials include most anything that might be used in a workshop, tutorial or presentation. We encourage those who upload materials to choose standard formats, or optional formats that most everyone can use. For instance if you have a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation you wish to upload please consider uploading a PDF version of the presentation as well.

Search/Site Map

You can use our custom search for workshop materials, a customized Google search for the entire site, browse all workshop materials at once, view a site map and more. If you have suggestions about how materials might be presented please feel free to send them to We are continuing to add additional search and browse features over time.


This section contains numerous planning tools to aid in network workshop planning, including wikis, Trac projects, calendars and more. In addition, if you wish to request the creation of a mailing list for a workshop event, or the possibility of hosting a workshop site on our server please send email to for more information.


Numerous network training workshop pages have been hosted on this site over the past few years. The invidual sites include detailed outlines, workshop materials, examples and more. If you use the Google custom search feature on the main search page, you can refine the search results to only include results from hosted workshops.