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Connectivity Providers - Contact Data

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Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics   6-Feb-1995

Reports on Networking Infrastructure in Estonia
Country reports explained
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EE Domain update (2/95)   6-Feb-1995
Estonia update (12.94)   8-Dec-1994
Estonia white.paper.html   8-Dec-1994
EE Domain update (12.94)   8-Dec-1994
OCLB EE - A contact for networking in Estonia   29-Oct-1993
Reports that are external to nsrc.org site:
  • Compendium 2005, Estonian Educational.and Research Network - EENet
  • Web Links Concerning ISPs and Networking in Estonia


  • Top Level Domain contact information for Estonia
  • Subdomain registration in Estonia
  • Estonian Educations and Research Network (in Estonian)

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