Where was the NSRC in 2008

NSRC Staff and Volunteer Activities Around the World 2008


VenezuelaNovember 10-14: Hervey Allen, José Domínguez and Carlos Vicente taught at WALC 2008, Mérida, Venezuela

MalawiNovember 10-14: Dale Smith attended and participated in the UbuntuNet-Connect 2008 and Open Access conference in Lilongwe, Malawi. He gave a talk on "Experiences, Lessons, and opportunities through regional and international RENs". Additionally, Dale assisted the University of Malawi College of Medicine with some campus network design work.


United States of AmericaOctober 13-16: Dale Smith Dale Smith attended and presented at the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting in New Orleands, LA, USA


NetherlandsSeptember 15-19: Hervey Allen taught at the Advanced ccTLD and DNSSEC Workshop, Amsterdam, Netherlands


NepalAugust 6-14: Dale Smith, Steven Huter and Hervey Allen taught and assisted at SANOG 12, Kathmandu, Nepal


ThailandJune 9-12: Joel Jaeggli and John Kemp taught and organized a Wireless Network Security Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

FranceJune 22-27: Steven Huter and Phil Regnauld participated in some ccTLD meetings and planning for future regional workshops during the ICANN Paris activities


MoroccoMay 24-June 3: Hervey Allen, Steven Huter, Phil Regnauld and Dale Smith taught and organized at the African Network Operators Group 9th meeting, as well as the AfREN Meeting in Rabat, Morocco


IndonesiaApril 16-19: Dale Smith presented and attended the APRU CIO Conference held in Jakarta, Indonesia

United States of AmericaApril 21-23: Steven Huter and Joel Jaeggli worked with Inveneo and google.org in San Francisco, CA, USA


ThailandMarch 11-15: Hervey Allen, Phil Regnauld taught and organized a Network Monitoring and Management Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand


TaiwanFeburary 20-29: Hervey Allen and Phil Regnauld taught and organized a Network Management and NOC Workshop at the APRICOT 2008 event in Taipei, Taiwan.

ItalyFebruary 28-March 5: Steven Huter and José Domínguez participated in the inaugural meeting of WirelessU.org as part of the ICTP-ITU School on New Perspectives in Wireless Networking in Trieste, Italy


South AfricaJanuary 8-9: Steven Huter participated in a meeting hosted by the Bureau of Oceans, Environment, and Science at the U.S. Department of State with staff from the National Science Foundation and Internet2 to discuss research and education networking activities in South Asia.

NigeriaJanuary 30-31: Steven Huter and Joel Jaeggli went to Florida to work with GNUveau Networks on the SolarNetOne deployment for Katsina State University, Nigeria