Where was the NSRC in 2018

NSRC Staff and Volunteer Activities Around the World in 2018


GhanaDecember 9-17: Hervey Allen, Brian Candler and Philip Smith of the NSRC taught a Campus Network Design and Operations Workshop that was held at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration in Accra, Ghana.

JordanDecember 4-7: Philip Smith (NSRC) along with Sana Bellamine (CENIC) taught a BGP Workshop consisting of lecture and hands-on lab work during ​ASREN e-AGE18 in Amman, Jordan.

TanzaniaDecember 3-12: Dale Smith, Sebastian Büttrich, Hans Kuhn, and Patrick Okui of the NSRC along with TERNET personnel, organized and taught a Campus Network Design and Operations Workshopin Saint Augustine University of Tanzania. NSRC also provided Direct Engineering Assistance after the workshop.


Dominican Republic
November 26-30: NSRC staff and collaborators José Dominguez, Carlos Vicente, Carlos Armas and Antonio Lobo presented a five day hands-on Network Monitoring and Managament Workshop that was held during WALC 2018 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

TanzaniaNovember 18- 21: NSRC trainers Patrick Okui and Anna Saine in collaboration with Cornelius Achiki of KENET taught a four day BGP Workshop that was held Zanzibar Beach Resort, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

United KingdomNovember 14-16: Philip Smith taught a BGP Peering Workshop during LINX 103 that took place at Holborn, The Kingsley Hotel in London, United Kingdom.

LesothoNovember 12-18: Phil Regnauld and Joe Abley of the NSRC taught a two-day DNSSEC Workshop Workshop for LsNIC at Avani Maseru Hotel, in Maseru, Lesotho. Phil and Joe also provided on-site DEA.

United StatesNovember 6-16: NSRC personnel, Hervey Allen supported Help Desk setup for the Super Computing 2018 - SC18 meeting held in Dallas, Texas, United States.

MozambiqueNovember 5-11: NSRC staff Philip Smith and Patrick Okui were the instructors of the MoRENet Campus Network Design and Operations Workshop that was held in Maputo, Mozambique. Philip and Patrick also provided direct engineering assistance to MoRENet.


ThailandOctober 28 - November 9: Hans Kuhn of the NSRC attended the IETF 103 meeting that was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

UgandaOctober 15-19: Brian Candler and Patrick Okui of the NSRC along with Hellen Nakawungu, Brian Masiga of the Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU), and Amos T. Nuwasiima of the Uganda Christian Univeristy (UCU-Mukono) were the instructors of the Network Monitoring and Management Workshop that was held in the Bugema University in Kampala, Uganda followed by a direct engineering assistance.

United StatesOctober 15-18: José Dominguez of the NSRC attended the Internet2 2018 Technology Exchange that was held in Orlando, Florida, United States. NSRC sponsored Antonio Lobo to attend the conference.

MalaysiaOctober 3-5: NSRC taught a Campus Network Design & Operations (CNDO) Workshop that was hosted for 3 days at Universiti Sains Malaysia during PRAGMA 35.


BangladeshSeptember 24 -28: Hervey Allen of the NSRC presented the keynote address (Video) during LACNIC 30 - LACNOG 2018, that was held in Rosario, Argentina.


BangladeshAugust 2-10: NSRC taught workshops on IPv6 Deployment, Best Practices for Campus Network Design and Operations; a tutorial about Internet of Things and gave a presentation on IPv4 Routing Table Update, during SANOG 32 & bdNOG 9 that was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

United StatesAugust 2-7: NSRC's personnel Hervey Allen and Hans Kuhn were instructors of the PRF-FIONA Workshop that was held in conjunction with the 2nd National Research Platform Workshop, where Hervey Allen and John Hess (CENIC) also gave a presentation about "FIONA Workshops Series: Results & Next Steps". Both events took place in Bozeman, Montana, United States.


CanadaJuly 9-20: NSRC staff, Hans Kuhn attended the IETF 102 to assist building the network for the event, that took place in Montreal, Quebec.


NorwayJune 10-14: Steve Huter, Dale Smith, and Phil Regnauld of the NSRC attended the TNC18 Conference that was held in Trondheim, Norway.

BhutanJune 4-8: NSRC staff and friends Philip Smith, Jon Brewer, Mike Jager were the instructors of two workshops during btNOG5, including the Network Design Workshop and the Wireless Network Design Workshop that took place in Simtokha, Bhutan.

United StatesJune 4-5: Hervey Allen of the NSRC attended SC18 -Super Computing 2018 Planning Meeting, to provide technical assistance for the event that was held in Dallas, Texas, United States in November.


FinlandMay 23-24:Philip Regnauld of the NSRC taught the ICANN DNSSEC workshop in Helsinki, Finland.

ThailandMay 22-26: NSRC instructor Philip Smith participated in the BKNIX Peering Forum organized by the Thai Network Information Center Foundation - THNICF and taught anAdvanced BGP Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand.

United StatesMay 6-9: Steve Huter, Dale Smith, Hervey Allen and Hans Kuhn of the NSRC participated in the Internet2 Global Summit in San Diego, United States. NSRC sponsored fellows for the meeting.


DenmarkApril 16-17: NSRC personnel, Philip Smith, was one of the instructors of the Pacific Research Platform- GEANT FIONA Workshop prior to the 2018 NORDUnet Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

MadagascarApril 23-24:NSRC taught a DNS Workshop organized by ICANN and ARTEC. The workshop took place in Madagascar.

GuamApril 23-27:NSRC instructor Philip Smith taught CNDO Best Practices Tutorial during PITA 22nd AGM that was held in Guam.

SenegalApril 29-May 11:NSRC contractor Fanta Bouba was one of the instructors of AfNOG Workshops including the Linux Bootcamp and the Network Managament Workshop that was held in conjunction with the AIS 2018- Africa Internet Summit, in Dakar Senegal.


KenyaMarch 26-29: Philip Smith and Joe Abley of the NSRC taught a 3-day DNSSEC Workshop and provided direct engineering assistance to the Kenya Network Information Center - KeNIC in Nairobi, Kenya.

SingaporeMarch 25-29: NSRC staff Philip Smith took part in the 45th Asia-Pacific Advanced Network - ​APAN 45 and assisted at SupercomputingAsia 2018 - SCA18 in Singapore.

United KingdomMarch 12-23: NSRC staff and friends Hans Kuhn, and John Brewer, and Steve Song attended ​IETF 101. Hans Kuhn assisted with the meeting setup. John Brewer participated in the Global Access to the Internet for All (gaia) Meeting, and Steve Song participated in IETF 101 Plenary Session Technical Plenary: The Future of Internet Access. IETF 101 was held in London, United Kingdom.

TogoMarch 12-16: NSRC collaborators Alain Aina and Patrick Okui taught a 2 day BGP and Peering Workshop prior to WACREN 2018. They also attended the WACREN 2018 Meeting that was held in Lome, Togo.

Puerto RicoMarch 12-15: Steven Huter of the NSRC attended ICANN 61 Meeting. He also visited Universidad de Puerto Rico.

United StatesMarch 5-7: NSRC sponsored fellows from the University of South Pacific (USP) and PREGINET to attend the CENIC 2018 Meeting.

United StatesMarch 3-4: Hervey Allen of the NSRC, was one of the instructors of the Pacific Research Platform (PRP) FIONA Workshop.


NepalFebruary 19-28: NSRC taught and assisted with workshops in Network Management and Monitoring, IPv4/IPv6 Routing , Security , Virtualisation & Cloud and Internet of Things & Wireless Sensor Networks as part of the APRICOT 2018 event that was held from February 19th to 28th in Nepal, Kathmandu. NSRC staff also participated in the APNIC 45 Meeting.


South AfricaJanuary 22-26: NSRC personnel provided direct engineering assistance to Univen - University of Venda, in South Africa.

United StatesJan 21-24: NSRC personnel, Steve Huter and Philip Smith attended meetings during the PTC´18 held in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.

South AfricaJanuary 15-19: Patrick Okui, Anna Saine, Dale Smith, and Hans Kuhn of the NSRC taught a Campus Network Design and Operations Workshop hosted by TENET- The Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa. The workshop was held in the University of Cape Town. NSRC staff also provided TENET with direct engineering assistance at Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha, South Africa.