Where was the NSRC in 2013

NSRC Staff and Volunteer Activities Around the World


December 9-11: The NSRC lead a 3-day workshop on Network Management Tools for NREN NOCs as part of the ASREN 2013 e-AGE conference held in Tunis, Tunisia.

December 2-6: The NSRC taught workshops on Security and Campus Network Design and coordinated engineering assistance during the PacNOG 14 event held in Suva, Fiji.


November 25-29: NSRC Staff taught a workshop on Network Monitoring and Management at the Asia Institute of Technology (AIT) as well as provided direct engineering assistance on network management and wireless to AIT staff. This event took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

November 19-20: Steve Song of the NSRC visited the Tak region of Thailand with colleagues from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and support of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand (NBTC) to study possible TV White Spaces deployments in the region.

November 18: Steve Song of the NSRC spoke at the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) Global Summit held on the 18th of November in Bangkok, Thailand at the IMPACT Exhibition Center.

November 9-15: NSRC staff presented, coordinated and taught a five day Train the Trainers workshop before and during the UbuntuNet-Connect 2013 event that took place in Kigali, Rwanda.


October 30-Nov 1: NSRC Staff Dale Smith and Dean Pemberton attended the TEIN4 Myanmar workshop and NREN Discussion that took place in Nay Phi Tawon, Myanmar.

October 28-31: NSRC staff taught a 4-day workshop on Advanced Routing, BGP and IXPs in French and English in Agadir, Morocco in conjuntion with the Moroccon Research and Education Network MARWAN.

October 24: NSRC staff were present during the public roundtable discussion and debut of a new documentary and translation of a book on the National Historic Police Archives of Guatemala held as part of the University of Oregon Philip H. Knight Dean of Libraries Distinguished Speaker Series held in the Knight Library, Eugene, Oregon.

October 23-25: NSRC staff and contractors traveled to the UCSD campus in San Diego, CA to hold a discussion on Wireless Sensor Networks with Tony Fountain Director of the Cyberinfrastructure Lab for Environmental Observing Systems at the University of Califorinia San Diego.

October 21-25: The NSRC supported and documented the 2013 AfNOG Chix Senegal workshops held in Dakar, Senegal.

October 20-23: NSRC staff Sebastian Buettrich and ICTP staff members Marco Zennaro and Ermanno Pietrosemoli presented a tutorial on Building Afordable Community Networks at the 2013 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) held in San Jose, CA, USA.

October 14-18: NSRC staff and instructors from Nicaragua and Colombia coordinated and taught in workshops on Network Monitoring and Management and Campus Network Design as well as speaking about network connectivity in the last connected regions of the world during the WALC 2013 workshops and conference held in Managua, Nicaragua at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería.

October 1-5: NSRC staff Philip Regnauld and Alain Aina taught a workshop on DNS Operations and Security in French for the African Top Level Domain (AfTLD) assocation and in conjuncion with ICANN in Tana, Madagascar.


September 11-19: The NSRC helped sponsor a TV White Spaces deployment with the Telecommunications regulator in Malawi and with staff from the Internaional Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy. The deployment successfully provided wireless network access for sensors that are part of the AfricaArray project.

September 3-6: Steve Song of the NSRC spoke about TV White Spaces at the 14th Forum on Telecom/ICT Regulation and Partnership in Africa (FTRA 2013) event held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.


August 19-23: Dale Smith of the NSRC attended the APAN 36 meeting which was held in Daejeon, Korea.

August 12-16: NSRC staff Carlos Armas, Joe Abley and Alain Aina worked with Max Henry Larson of l’Université d’Etat d’Haïti to teach a Network Monitoring and Management workshop in both French and English as part of a LACNIC sponsored event in Port au Prince, Haiti.

August 5-13: Phil Regnauld of the NSRC and Alvaro Vives, NSRC Volunteer, taught a 5-day workshop on DNS Operations, DNS Security and Network Monitoring at the SANOG 22 held in Mumbai, India.


July 27-Aug 2: The NSRC assisted with coordination, monetary support and instructors at the innaugural Tanzanian Network Operators Group meeting held in Arusha, Tanzania. Topics included a 1/2 day Introduction to Linux, a 5-day Network Monitoring and Management workshop and a 5-day Network and Systems Security workshop. NSRC staff and volunteers were Brian Candler, Patrick Okui, Merike Kaeo, Dean Pemberton and Cleven Mmari of the University of Oregon.

July 26-August 3: Hans Kuhn of the NSRC attended the IETF 87 meeting in Berlin, Germany to assist with network setup and provided support during the event.

July 15-17: Hervey Allen and Phil Regnauld taught a 3 day hands-on Network Monitoring and Management workshop as part of the Indiana University, InCNTRE Summer of Networking program.

July 8-12: NSRC staf Dale Smith and Andy Linton traveled to the University of Guam to assist with Network Planning.

July 1-5: NSRC staff Dean Pemberton and volunteer Jon Brewer coordinated, taught and presented at the PacNOG 13 meeting held in Nukuʻalofa, Tonga. The NSRC provided organization, monetary and materials support for the event.


June 18-22: The NSRC coordinated and sponsored 5 days of direct engineering assistance at Copperbelt University in Kitwe, Zambia in cooperation with the Zambian Research and Education Network (ZAMREN), the UbuntuNet Alliance and engineers Ermanno Pietrosemoli, Marco Zennaro and Carlo Fonda of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and Sebastian Buettrich of NSRC.

June 9-21: The initial Africa Internet Summit (AIS) took place in Lusaka, Zambia. This was a consortium of meetings, including the African Network Operators Group annual workshops, AfriNIC 18, AfREN, AfGWG, AfricaCert Cybersecurity Day and more. The NSRC provided monetary and organizational support as well as coordination and teaching in several workshops and tutorials and presented during several of the meetings.

June 6-9: The NSRC supported the 25th Anniversary of .TH (Thailand) from June 6-9, including sponsoring participation by Olak Kolkman, Chief Executive of NLnet Labs and Andy Linton of the NSRC. From June 7-9 the NSRC coordinated and taught in a DNSSEC Workshop as part of the .TH 25 year anniversary event at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok, Thailand.


May 29-31: NSRC staff Steven Huter, Steve Song and Sebastian Buettrich attended a 3-day meeting on TV White Spaces sponsored by Google held in Dakar, Senegal.

May 20-July 26: The NSRC supported attendance, travel and room and board to the Indiana University Summer of Networking for Pamela Pomary, Network Engineer from the University of Ghana, Legon, Mr. Emmanuel Mukwesa, Network Engineer for the Zambia Research and Education Network (ZAMREN) and Ronald Osure, Assistant Applications Director for the Kenya Education Network (KENET).

May 13-15: NSRC staff Steven Huter and Dale Smith traveled to Accra, Ghana for meetings with Ghanaian Academic and Research Network (GARNET) staff.


April 25-26: NSRC staff Steve Huter, Dale Smith and Hervey Allen joined and sponsored CNRST network engineers Youness Hamidi and Redouane Merrouch from Morocco, Joseph Kimaili from the UbuntuNet Alliance and Kennedy Aseda and Josphat Karanja from the Kenya Education Network (KENET) for a site visit to the Indiana University GlobalNOC facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana., as well as a visit to the Cyberinfrastructure Building and data center on the University of Indiana main campus in Bloomington, Indiana.

April 22-26: Phil Regnauld from the NSRC and Richard Lamb from ICANN taught a DNSSEC workshop for the Agence Tunisienne d'Internet (ATI) at the Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth, Tunis, Tunisia.

April 21-24: NSRC staff Dale Smith attended the 2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting held in Arlington, Virginia. In addition the NSRC funded travel to the meeting for Moroccan Network Engineers Youness Hamidi and Redouane Merrouch from CNRST (Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique), Joseph Kimaili from the UbuntuNet Alliance and Kennedy Aseda from the Kenya Education Network (KENET). In addition Josphat Karanja from KENET joined as well.

April 15-19: The NSRC worked with TENET, the Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa and taught two parallel workshops at the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. The two workshops were Campus Network Design and Security and Linux System Administration and IP Services.

April 8-11: The NSRC taught an Advanced Advanced routing, BGP, Peering/Multihoming workshop to be held in conjunction with the UbuntuNet Alliance in Entebbe, Uganda. Patrick Okui lead the event for the NSRC with Kevin Chege of ISOC.


March 25-29: NSRC staff Phil Regnauld and Amanda Thomsen and University of Oregon Knight Library staff Duncan Barth, Karen Estlund, Mandi Garcia, Katie Moss traveled to Dakar, Senegal to the l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) to assist with continued digitalization of the Senegalese national archives as well as to teach a hands-on Digitization and Archiving Workshop.

March 19-21: Phil Regnauld from NSRC and Richard Lamb of ICANN in collaboration with ISOC LB taught a 3-day, hands-on workshop on DNSSEC in parallel with the ArabNet Beirut meeting that took place in Beirut, Lebanon at the Berytech venue.

March 11-22: The NSRC supported the The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Workshop on Wireless Networking for Science in Africa held in Trieste, Italy at the ICTP campus. The NSRC supported Masai Joan Jemutai from the Kenya Education Network (KENET) as well as Alice Bett and Julius Kipkemboi from Kenya, Leontine Nkague Nkamba and Alain Pierre Tokam Kamga from Cameroon, Mohamed Habash from Egypt and Anas Bouayad from Morocco.

March 10-14: Sean McAvoy of RIPE NCC taught a Network Monitoring and Management workshop using NSRC materials at the MENOOG 12 meeting and conference that took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


February 28-March 8: NSRC staff worked directly with the University of Computer Studies (UCSY) in Yangon, Myanmar to teach a Campus Network Design and Network Monitoring and Management workshop as well as providing direct engineering assistance to help support the nascent Myanmar research and education network activities.

February 19-23: NSRC staff Brian Candler, Carlos Armas, Joe Abley, Dale Smith and Carlos Vicente along with José Domínguez taught a Campus Network Design and Network Monitoring and Management workshop at the University of Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago as part of Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKLN) research and education network program.

February 19-March 1:The NSRC taught a Network Monitoring and Management workshop, a 1/2 day DNS/DNSSEC Tutorial and presented a short Report on PacNOG at the APRICOT 2013 Conference and workshops held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. In addition the NSRC sponsored several Pacific Island attendees for this event. NSRC staff Phil Regnauld, Hans Kuhn, Hervey Allen and Steve Huter took part.

January 31-February 4: NSRC staff Phil Regnauld, Andy Linton and Sebastian Buettrich as well as Dr. Faisal Hasan and GZ Kabir from Bangladesh organized and conducted a Network Management & Monitoring workshop at the 21st South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG 21) meeting and conference held in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The NSRC sponsored fellowships to the event for 10 women attendees and 3 University technicians from Afghanistan.


January 21-23: Phil Regnauld and Joe Abley taught a 3-day DNSSEC workshop as part of the NZNOG 2013 Conference and Workshops program held in Wellington, New Zealand.

January 18-22: NSRC staff attended and presented at the Pacific Telecommunication Council 2013 (PTC 2013) meeting held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

January 13-17: NSRC staff Hervey Allen, Steven Huter, Phil Regnauld and Dale Smith took part in the TIP 2013 technical meeting (Techs in Paradise) which included APAN and Internet2 meetings held at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. The NSRC sponsored Enrique Pelaez, Director of the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) in Guyaquil, Ecudaor to attend the APAN meeting. In addition the NSRC sponsored the following people to join and present at the the Techs in Paradise meeting: Dr. Faisal Hasan from Bangladesh talked about the Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN), Dr. Nguyen Hong Van, Director of the Vietnamese National Research and Education Network (VINAREN), Dr. Ni Lar Thein, Rector of University of Computer Studies, Yangon (UCSY), and Dr. Ei Chaw Htoon, UCSY, Myanmar.