Where was the NSRC in 2016

NSRC Staff and Volunteer Activities Around the World in 2016


FijiNovember 28-December 2: NSRC contractors, volunteers and personnel Philip Smith, Dean Pemberton, Mike Jaeger, Jon Brewer, Hans Kuhn and Bob Rotsted taught workshops on BGP and Peering, Network Monitoring and Management and Security at the PacNOG 19 event held in Nadi, Fiji. NSRC members presented on several technical topics during the conference day and provided a 1/2 day Introduction to Linux tutorial as well.

HondurasNovember 14-18: Antonio Lobo, NSRC contractor, led a workshop on Network Monitoring and Management (Gestion de Redes) during the WALC 2016 meeting held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and hosted by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH).

BhutanNovember 14-18: Philip Smith of the NSRC taught a BGP/IPv6 workshop as part of the BTNOG 3 meeting held in Thimphu, Bhutan.

KoreaNovember 12-18: Hans Kuhn and Lucy Lynch of the NSRC attended the IETF 97 meeting held in Seoul, Korea. Hans assisted with meeting setup and worked in the IETF NOC during the meeting.

UgandaNovember 3-4: NSRC attended the 2016 UbuntuNet-Connect conference held in Kampala, Uganda.


UgandaOctober 30-November 2: NSRC personnel Hervey Allen, Patrick Okui, Phil Regnauld and Brian Candler taught a Train the Trainer workshop to members of the UbuntuNet Alliance in conjunction with the 2016 UbuntuNet-Connect conference held in Kampala, Uganda.

BangladeshOctober16-20: NSRC personnel Philip Smith, Dale Smith, Hans Kuhn and Nimal Ratnayake taught a workshop on Campus Network Design and Operations to members of the Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) with support from the TEIN Cooperation Center (TEIN*CC). The workshop took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

UgandaOctober10-13: The NSRC assisted engineers from the Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU) with direct engineering and assistance at the Infectious Diseases Institute (​IDI) of Makere University in Kampala, Uganda.

MalaysiaOctober10: Philip Smith of the NSRC taught a tutorial on peering at the MyIX Peering Forum held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

United StatesOctober 5: Hervey Allen of the NSRC led a panel on Infrastructure Development at the GlobalConnect meeting held in Washington, D.C.

UgandaOctober 3-7: Patrick Okui (NSRC), Sebastian Buettrich (NSRC) and Sebastian Balthazar (NSRC and TZNIC) taught with network technicians from the Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU) a course on Campus Network Security at the RENU Offices - Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

SenegalOctober 3-7: NSRC contractors Khoudia GUEYE SY, Fanta BOUBA and Phil Regnauld taught an Introductory Registry Operations course in conjunction with the African Top Level Domain Organization (AfTLD) at the Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (UCAD in Dakar, Senegal.


Sri LankaSeptember 28-October 2: NSRC contractor Jon Brewer will be teaching in a workshop on Network Security as part of the APNIC 42 meeting to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

United StatesSeptember 25-28: Dale Smith of the NRSC will be attending the Internet2 Technology Exchange meeting to be held in Miami, Florida, United States. The NSRC is sponsoring two network technicians from the University of Guam (UoG) to attend the 2016 TechEx meeting.

ArgentinaSeptember 13-15: NSRC sponsored two delegates from Cuba's RedUniv (La Red Nacional de Datos del Ministerio de Educación Superior de Cuba) to attend the 2016 TICAL conference held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

JordanSeptember 5-8: NSRC contractors Philip Smith and Anton Berezin taught a 4-day workshop on the configuration and operation of National Research and Education networks at the NREN BGP Workshop hosted by ASREN in Amman, Jordan.


BhutanAugust 22-September 1: Philip Smith and Phil Regnauld of the NSRC provided direct engineering assistance and training to the Bhutan Research Education Network (DrukREN). Training included Virtualization and System Administration as well as installation and configuration of virtualized solution.

TanzaniaAugust 21-26: NSRC trainers Cleven Mmari and Patrick Okui participated in workshops at the Fourth Tanzania Network Operators Group Meeting TZNOG4 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Workshops included Routing and Switching, Scalable Internet Services, Network Management & Monitoring .as well as a 1-day Linux Introduction workshop

SenegalAugust 4-9: Steve Huter (NSRC) met with representatives of the Senegal Research and Education Network (snRER) and the West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN) for planning discussions.


Hong KongJuly 31-August 1: NSRC contractor Heather Flanagan taught in the IAM Task Force training workshop on identity management as part of the APAN 42 meeting held in Hong Kong.

Hong KongJuly 30-August 5: NSRC collaborator Nimal Ratnayake will take part in the 42nd Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN42) Meeting in Hong Kong hosted by Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC).

GuamJuly 25-August 2: NSRC staff Hervey Allen and NSRC contractors Dale Smith, Philip Smith and David Teach taught a 5-day hands-on technical workshop on Campus Network Design at the University of Guam in Mangilao, Guam. After the workshop finished the same group provided direct engineering assistance to the university for several days.

GermanyJuly 18-22: Hans Kuhn and Lucy Lynch of the NSRC attended the IETF 96 meeting held at the InterContinental Berlin hotel in Berlin, Germany. Kuhn worked with the IETF network operations team to provide and operate the conference network.

RwandaJuly 11-16: NSRC contractors Brian Candler and Patrick Okui alongside tzNIC Engineer Simon Balthazar taught a 5-day workshop on Network Monitoring & Management at the second annual Rwanda Network Operators Group in Kigali, Rwanda.


Czech RepublicJune 12-16: NSRC staff and collaborators Lucy Lynch, Phil Regnauld and Heather Flanagan attended the 2014 TERENA Network Conference (TNC 16) held in Prague, Czech Republic.

MyanmarJune 6-16: NSRC contractors Philip Smith, Dean Pemberton, Brian Candler and Mike Jager taught a 5-day workshop on Campus Network Design at the University of Computer Studies in Yangon, Myanmar (UCSY) in cooperation with the TEIN Cooperation Center (TEIN*CC). After the workshop finished the same group provided direct engineering assistance to UCSY for several days.


BotswanaMay 29-June 10: In conjunction with the Africa Top Level Domain Organization (AfTLD) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) the NSRC with Phil Regnauld assisted with teaching and organizing an Advanced Registry Operations workshop as part of the 2016 African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) workshops and conference held in Gaborone, Botswana.

BotswanaMay 29-June 10: NSRC contractors and friends Geert Jan de Groot, Joe Abley, Patrick Okui and Cleven Mmari assisted building and operating the event network for both the African Network Operators Group meetings and tutorials as well as the 2016 Africa Internet Summit (AIS 2016) held in Gaborone, Botswana. In addition these contractors and friends taught and organized workshops on Network Monitoring and Management as well as System Services.

United StatesMay 15-18: The NSRC and Internet2 sponsored four network engineers to attend the Internet2 Global Summit held in Chicago, Illinois. The engineers included Juan Pablo Carvallo of Ecuador and Walter Baluja, Jorge Villa and Alina Ruiz of Cuba. The Global Summit took place at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile hotel. NSRC staff Steven Huter, Hervey Allen and Dale Smith attended the meeting.

ThailandMay 11-14: Philip Smith of the NSRC and Greg Shepherd of Cisco taught a 4-day workshop on BGP as a follow-on activity to the 2016 BKNIX Peering Forum in conjunction with intERLab (part of the Asian Institute of Technology, AIT) at the VIE Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

ThailandMay 9-10: Philip Smith of the NSRC presented a session on "How to Peer at the Internet exchanges" at the 2016 BKNIX Peering Forum held at the VIE Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

TanzaniaMay 2-4: NSRC contractor Steve Song and Patrick Okui attended the meeting on connectivity in Africa sponsored by Vulcan held in Arusha, Tanzania.


ColombiaApril 26-28: NSRC contractor Steve Song attended the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit held in Bogota, Colombia. The NSRC donated to the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA), which helped to sponsor a regulator from Botswana to contribute to the advancement of TV White Space and shared spectrum use. The DSA Global Summit took place at the Hilton Bogota.

PakistanApril 18-22: Philip Smith in conjunction with the Internet Society (ISOC) and the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) taught a 1-day seminar on Internet exchange points and a 4-day workshop on BGP and Internet Exchange Points in Islamabad, Pakistan at the PTA headquarters building.

United StatesApril 13: Steven Huter presented at and attended the 2016 Global Connect Stakeholders: Advancing Solutions meeting held in Washington, D.C.

ArgentinaApril 3-8: Hans Kuhn and Lucy Lynch assisted building and operating the IETF 95 event network held at the Hilton Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lucy Lynch, also, attended IETF to work with Federation and Identity Management topics.


SenegalMarch 14-16: Lucy Lynch, Heather Flanagan, Anna Secka Saine and Steve Song all attended the WACREN 2016 meeting and conference held in Dakar, Senegal. Lucy and Heather organized and taught in a workshop on Federated Identity Management along with collaborators from GEANT and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The workshop was held at Le Ndiambour Hotel.

LaosMarch 14-22: Philip Smith, Dean Pemberton, Mike Jager and Dale Smith of the NSRC taught a 5-day workshop on campus network design and network monitoring and management at the National University of Laos (NUOL) to participants from the TEIN*CC member countries Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. After the workshop NSRC personnel assisted NUOL network engineers with installation and configuration of network equipment donated by the NSRC at the National University of Laos campus. TEIN*CC, NSRC and LERNET sponsored the workshop. A video of the event is available.

CubaMarch 14-18: Steven Huter and Hervey Allen attended the Informatica 2016 conference meetings in Habana, Cuba at the Palacio de las Convenciones. Steve and Hervey met with members of the Cuban Research and Education Network RedUniv as well as other technology sector members. Hervey presented at the conference on network engineer capacity building in Latin America and the Caribbean.


New ZealandFebruary 15-26: NSRC Staff and collaborators Hervey Allen, Hans Kuhn, Jonathan Brewer, Mike Jager, Philip Smith and Dean Pemberton taught workshops on Network Monitoring and Management, Virtualisation, Wireless Services and Advanced BGP at the APRICOT 2016 workshops held in Auckland, New Zealand. During the conference portion of the event Hans Kuhn assisted in the APRICOT NOC.

SenegalFebruary 14-15: Dale Smith visited the Université Cheikh Anto Diop de Dakar (UCAD) campus in Dakar, Senegal to assist with network planning and buildout.

SenegalFebruary 12-13: Dale Smith and Alin Aina attended an invite-only meeting to assist with network design for the West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN).


NepalJanuary 25-February 1: Brian Candler and Philip Smith of the NSRC attended the SANOG 27 workshop and conference held in Kathmandu, Nepal. Philip Smith presented during the conference and taught a workshop on IPv4/IPv6 Routing. Brian Candler taught a workshop on Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

PhilippinesJanuary 25-29: NSRC's Steve Huter and Dale Smith as well as Heather Flanagan attended the APAN 41 meeting held in Manila, Philippines. Steve and Dale attended TEIN meetings and Heather presented in the Identity and Management Access Working Group sessions (IAM WG).

PhilippinesJanuary 20-22: NSRC collaborator Philip Smith alongside trainers Bani Lara and Rod Bio from the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) taught a 3-day Advanced BGP workshop in Quezon City, Philippines. The workshop was supported by the TEIN Cooperation Center (TEIN*CC and PREGINET, the Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network.

United StatesJanuary 17-20: Steve Huter of the NSRC attended the 38th annual Pacific Telecommunications Council Conference (PTC 16) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

BhutanJanuary 12: Utilizing network hardware donated to the Network Startup Resource Center by Facebook, Google and Cisco, the NSRC has assisted several nodes of the Royal University of Bhutan with upgrading their campus network infrastructure over the past six months. The NSRC provided additional core network devices to the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital in Thimphu that were donated by Facebook to help improve medical research and health services in Bhutan.